Our planet’s wildlife

The wildlife on this planet is pretty amazing! If you did not know this already, may we suggest you start exploring? This website will give you some tips to get you started.

You will find an overview of TV shows about wildlife both produced in Great Britain and beyond these borders. Ask every presenter of a wildlife TV show and they will say the main purpose for making these shows is not entertainment but creating awareness. However, in the past 40 years, it seems we have lost half of the earth’s wildlife according to WWF. So, safe to say we still consider these shows as being a program like any other on TV. Hopefully a change in this way of thinking will introduce itself soon enough!

If you are ready to switch off that TV and want to go exploring for yourself, we have some great must-read books that help you determine where to go first. The world is very big after all. So whether you want to start with the Western Hemisphere first and then move on to the East, or vice versa, in our section “A continent, a book” you will find your guide.

And lastly, if wildlife has become more than a passion to you and you wish or already have made it into a profession, we have lined up some great wildlife courses for you in our section “Choose your wildlife course”. Again for those who prefer wildlife in Great Britain and for those who don’t mind an airplane ride to expand their knowledge.