Wildlife of the Eastern Hemisphere

We all know the wildlife of Great Britain is widespread. If you do not know this, then start exploring! But what else is out there? Some books about wildlife, close and far from home.


Central and Eastern European Wildlife by Gerard Gorman. Forget France and Spain for a second and look in another direction to book your holiday. This book covers the wildlife of countries like Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. With practical information and photography tips, this guide will be the best friend of both the regular tourist and nature enthusiast.


National Audubon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife by Peter C. Alden, Richard D. Estes, Duane Schlitter and Bunny McBride. If you think Africa, you think wildlife. There is no way around it. This book, written by experts in African wildlife, will be your complete guide on your wildlife safari. 600 amazing photographs together with detailed information about habitats, animals, parks and reserves will do the trick.


Australian Animals by Caroline Arnold. From leafy forests to dry grasslands, all packed with an extraordinary variety of wildlife, that pretty much sums up Australia. From coast to hot desert, award-winning author Caroline Arnold describes the life of each of these amazing creatures and the way they are able to survive in these climates.


Asia’s Wildlife by Fanny Lai and Bjorn Olesen. Where to start on this wide continent with such a great variety of wildlife? This book will help you get started in your discovery. The expedition of Fanny Lai through 8 different countries in Asia together with photographer Bjorn Olesen. Rarely seen endangered animal species are captured on film, true gems hidden deeply in the Asian tropics. It shows us why we need to keep protecting these precious forests. BirdLife International is partly funded by the proceeds from this book.