Wildlife of the Western Hemisphere

Isn’t there a part in all of us that wants to quit the rat race and wants to go explore the world? Well if you do, here are some books so you will know what to expect of wildlife on the Western Hemisphere.

North America

North American Wildlife by David Jones. This book provides a close-up on life in the wild as it is, with challenges and changes to adapt to. Intrusion into habitats by humans, climate changes with dramatic changes to flora which will impact species as well ending life as they have known it and increasing pollution. Learn how the wildlife of North America has coped with these struggles and their strategies. 400 stunning captures of in-the-wild moments accompany the writing in this book.

South America

A Wildlife Guide to Chile by Sharon Chester. Everything you need or want to know about Chile’s remarkable biodiversity is documented within this book. It covers all common plants and animals across all the country’s territories, from Chilean Antarctica, Easter Island, Juan Fernandez, to San Felix y San Ambrosio. Vivid illustrations combined with detailed descriptions make you want to pack this book in your back pack to easily and correctly identify species on your trip. It also includes some tips on where to see great wildlife, like national parks. It is the only guide in the English language of Chile’s fauna and flora that is so comprehensive.


Antarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife by Tony Soper. There is so much more that meets the eye on this continent. One of the last places on this earth where the beauty of unspoiled nature can be observed. As a well-known naturalist and lecturer on Antarctica, Tony Soper has documented the phenomenal wildlife that populates the ice, islands and inshore waters of Antarctica in a fantastic way. Complete with tips if you ever visit Antarctica on a ship.