Wildlife courses worldwide

If you are all into wildlife and you have made this your profession, why not mix business with pleasure when you go on holiday? There are some great opportunities out there for those who are willing to travel to enlarge their knowledge. Whether that knowledge is on a beginner’s level or a more advanced one.


An educational centre situated in Belize that focuses on experiential and sustainable learning. They specialize in several sectors like marine biology, environmental science and research projects. Practically every student, young and old, graduates and undergraduates, can take a course here.

  • Large animal vet practice: this course focuses on the basic understanding of livestock in agriculture including cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. You will learn techniques hands-on by working with these animals on farms and ranches. All basic principles such as animal nutrition, health and disease prevention an reproduction are introduced. A great opportunity to gain on practical experience. This course can also be combined with other courses they offer such as Marine Biology.
  • Health, Ecology and Conservation of Wildlife: the focus of this course, whilst working with zookeepers in Belize Zoo, can be found in the name of this course. Specific focus of certain species are included, like the jaguar or the tapir. Again this course can be combined with others like Lake Ecology.

Africa Nature Training

A company situated in South Africa, the mekka of wildlife, offering educational vacations. Combining business with pleasure cannot get more real than this! Submerging yourself a week within this environment whilst learning how to light a fire without matches, which fruits to eat and which not and how to find your direction with nothing but nature’s indicators, will leave you with not only an amazing experience but also with some wildlife knowledge you will not get from book learning.