Best wildlife TV shows of Great Britain

We do not always have to go searching for things abroad, when we can find great things within our borders as well. An overview of the best wildlife TV shows made in Great Britain, then and now.

The Really Wild Show

Now, who does not know this one? Even if you have never watched it, the title along must ring a bell. It was a show that has been broadcasting on BBC since 1986. When they pulled the plug in March of 2006, the show had an astonishing history of 20 series to show for itself. The presenters would travel to different countries in each episode to observe native fauna. It was mostly a children’s program, but surely adults could appreciate it too. The show has been nominated several times for a BAFTA and has actually won three times. You can still watch some previous episodes online.

Planet Earth

Shot entirely in high definition and therefore the most expensive series of its kind produced by BBC. First aired in March of 2006 and later also aired on Discovery Channel in the USA. It was a unique series that showed a different habitat and its inhabitants in each episode. Winning both Emmys and BAFTAs for the flawlessness in which animal behavior was portrayed. The show captured events that had rarely been seen before like the snow leopard hunting in the Himalayas.

Wild Britain

This new show has started in March of 2018 on Channel 5. Narrator Hugh Bonneville will guide you through this eight-part television safari. Great Britain consists off not less than 6000 different islands and this remarkable wildlife show showcases the life of Britain’s magnificent wild creatures throughout these islands. The newest camera techniques have been used that create a remarkable look and enabled to film new behavior that has rarely been captured on film before.