The best wildlife TV shows worldwide

Whatever your interest is, you will find a show to match it! An overview of the best wildlife shows made outside of Great Britain.

National Geographic

Whoever loves to watch wildlife TV shows, has to love National Geographic. With their vast collection of shows, you only need to pick the topic. From the classic big five to wild Cambodia, from Building Penguin’s paradise to Monster Jellyfish, from Amazing Animal Selfies to Badass Animals. You name it and you will find it on Nat Geo. Some of their most popular shows are:

  • Namibia: Sanctuary of Giants

About the Holy Grail of wildlife in Africa: Namibia. But there is a dark side to all this natural glory as well, with poaching on the rise and a boost in property development, the land of wild animals becomes smaller. See what the Namibian government together with scientists and biologists are doing in an effort to turn the tide.

  • Wild Florida

About the savage side of Florida state, young gator and turtle hatchlings trying to make it to maturity in a land full of hazards. There is more than meets the eye in the Sunshine State.

  • Return of the Clouded Leopards

Two rare clouded leopard cubs, rescued from poachers and raised by in the Wild Life Trust of India teaching them everything they need to know so they can be released and survive in the jungle. A year later the team will search for them again to see how they have coped.


An American TV series about different animals and ecosystems. This show started in 1982 and has an impressive 32 seasons on its name. It is considered one of the most watched documentary series and the show has won 2 Primetime Emmys.

The Crocodile Hunter

Hosted by wildlife expert Steve Irwin and his wife Terri who own the Australia Zoo in Queensland. The show features the continent’s most dangerous animals like crocodiles and venomous snakes.