As if you were there…

Not everyone has the resources to go exploring the wildlife of this world and witness beautiful sightings from the first row. Not to worry, a little thing called the internet has the answer yet again. More specifically, on Youtube you can find a large selection of channels devoted to wildlife. Just to tame your passion until the real deal comes along one day. Here’s an overview of the channels you ought to check out soon!

Brave Wilderness

With almost 10.5 million subscribers, this channel is by far the most popular wildlife channel on Youtube. Coyote Peterson, an animal expert and overall adventurer, and his crew will take you on one of their expeditions. With every episode you will be guaranteed to learn something new. Two new videos are posted weekly.

Epic Wildlife

About 1.3 million subscribers with about one new video every week. This channel focuses on being a good mix of education and entertainment for both adults and kids to enjoy. From prehistoric discoveries to monsters hiding in the deepest parts of the ocean, from animal fun facts to breaking news about animals, you’ll all find it here.

Wildlife Aid

With 250K subscribers and new videos posted weekly, you can follow the activities of the Wildlife Aid Foundation which has been involved in the salvation of wildlife in the UK for over 30 years now. They have been involved with the television series “Wildlife SOS” for 15 years, but with their own Youtube channel they are trully opening their doors so you can see on what the money from donations is spent and how this generosity enhances the lives of some amazing animals on a daily basis.

Kruger National Park

With almost 114K subscribers and about 3 videos monthly. Of course, we would have to add a channel about the African wildlife. This channel features the everyday life of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a home to the Big Five.